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Freelance illustrator and selected artist on Saatchi gallery, Talenthouse, Art Limited and selected artist for Campo Viejo harvest event 2016.

Dreja (pronounced as Dreya) Novak, born in Slovenia, was set on becoming an artist at very early age. Strong interest for fine art lead her to Accademia Italiana in Florence (Italy) studying interior design and decoration. After graduation, she continued her fine art studies at the private school of Joze Ciuha, where under his guidance, she perfected her skills. Her work combines paintings, design and illustration. She wants to make art that draw you into another world and makes you feel comfortable.

Dreja’s desire to create a beautiful painting is based on ideas and stories from her life, rather than wanting to follow current trends. She uses different styles to transfer her imagination and feelings on canvas. When she creates portraits she mostly uses watercolors. Watercolors help her to create sensual storytelling female characters and allow her expressive marks and stains which gives the work an exciting vitality and energy.
Dreya’s GeoNeoDeco style, inspired by Kandinsky and Miro, tells a compelling story in the background, a story full of symbols and poetry, composition and powerful colors, harmony and emotions. The integrity lies in her unique interpretation of line, form and color.
Her oldest style, NatureDeco, was developed on the basis of Art Nouveau, also known as Jugendstil and Decorative art, ispired by Klimt. Dreja’s decoration plays an important role, which enriches the composition and completes the story. The Nouveau Deco is a decorative romanticism with realistic figures placed in surrealistic world.

Dreja’s works can be found in private collections all over the world. Her deep passion for painting is rewarded by many happy people owning her works.