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This book is an illustrative guide about happy and successful life and walks you through three important actions: with the BREATHE action, you take care of your body and mind; with the CREATE action, you give sense to your life and with the CONNECT action, you live in harmony with people and the environment. In order to foster good relationships, we need to understand ourselves and people around us. More info: http://drive-response.com/book
I am an illustrator and fine artist with the ability to create work in a variety of media, both traditionally and digitally. I work most often with watercolor and acrylic, as well as digital media.
I am also available for commissioned work. You can order any of my artwork in printed version. Contact me: art@drejanovak.com
Color is my language and I use it to translate my feelings. Art is about tasting with your eyes. When art gives you hidden lessons or mixed messages, it works. I want to make art that draw you into another world and makes you feel comfortable. When I paint my soul goes where my body can’t go.